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FL Series Lighter & Slimmer Wall-mounted Indoor LED Display


2 sizes are optional
Pixel pitch: 3.9~4.8mm
Pixel configuration: SMD
Brightness: 5000nits adjustable
Refresh rate: 1920/2880/3840 Hz
Panel dimension: 500×750×70mm/500×1000×70mm

Ultrathin and ultralight design
The panel features with the thickness of 70mm and the weight of 13kg/15kg, greatly reducing the cost of supporting structure and transportation.

Mute and energy saving design
Without fan, the LED display features good heat dissipation, ensuring noiseless and energy saving working with low power.

Seamless LED display
Every panel is manufactured with CNC machines of high precision to guarantee its seamlessness during assembly.

Outstanding performance in displaying
2880Hz Refreh rate for color uniformity; 140°viewing angle for broad vision

Convenient rear maintenance
For your maintenance convenience, all FL4T panels have easy access modules from back.

Technical parameters
Model Item FL3T FL4T
Pixel Pitch(mm) 3.9 4.8
Pixel Density(pixels/㎡) 65536 43264
Viewing Angle(Deg.) 160(H)/160(V) 160(H)/160(V)
Brightness(nits) 5000 5500
Grey Level(bit) 12/14/16 12/14/16
Refresh Rate(Hz) 1920/2880/3840 1920/2880/3840
Panel Size(mm) 500(W)×750(H)×70(D) 500(W)×1000(H)×70(D) 500(W)×750(H)×70(D) 500(W)×1000(H)×70(D)
Panel Size(inch) 19.68(W)×29.53(H)×2.75(D) 19.68(W)×39.37(H)×2.75(D) 19.68(W)×29.53(H)×2.75(D) 19.68(W)×39.37(H)×2.75(D)
Panel Resolution(pixels) 128 ×192 128 ×256 104 ×156 104 ×208
Panel Weight(kg/㎡) 27-35 27-35
Panel Type and Material Iron Iron
Module Size(mm) 250(W)×250(H) 250(W)×250(H)
Module Size(inch) 9.84(W)×9.84(H) 9.84(W)×9.84(H)
Module Resolution(pixels) 64×64 52×52
Protection Grade IP65/54 IP65/54
Serviceability Rear Rear
Average Power Consumption(W/㎡) 213(AC) 153(AC)
Max. Power Consumption(W/㎡) 850(AC) 610(AC)
Brightness Adjustment Manual/Auto/Programmable Manual/Auto/Programmable
Operating Temperature/Humidity(℃/%RH) -20~+50/10~90 -20~+50/10~90
Storage Temperature/Humidity(℃/%RH) -40~+60/0~90 -40~+60/0~90
Lifetime(hours) 100000 50000
Compliant Standard CE,FCC,RoHS CE,FCC,RoHS
Notes: Specifications are only for reference. Please contact our salesperson for details. All rights are reserved to LianTronics
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