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LED Display Solutions
  • Small Pixel Pitch LED Display Our small pixel pitch LED display gives clear, precise images and is widely used in offices, lobby areas, and conference rooms for showing schedules, displaying presentations, and advertising.
  • Stadium LED Display We've partnered long-term with such companies as the Maracana Stadium and for large events such as the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, providing stadium LED displays that feature clear, sharp images.
  • Stage LED DisplayWith our high resolution screens, clear and sharp images, and a high refresh rate, our LED displays will make sure your audience feels up close and personal to the showstopping action.
  • Advertising LED Display Our affordably and finely crafted advertising LED displays are used to showcase products and events to people passing by in both indoor and outdoor settings. With sharp and bright images, your product will be highlighted to its best advantage.
  • Mobile LED Display The LianTronics mobile LED displays for trucks and trailers highlight your events and products whether it’s sunny and bright or windy and storming. High contrast ratio makes the display easy to read.
  • LED LightboxOur LED lightbox screen highlights your message as well as adding to the style of the surrounding environment. A hot backup system and double backup power supply ensures stable operation during use, with cutting-edge technology.
  • Rental LED DisplayLianTronics has designed special rental LED displays. Hand-stackable panels are ideal for speedy assembly and teardown. The cabling and panel weight are also lightweight to go on tour for concerts, festivals, ceremonies, or sports events.
  • Curtain LED Display LianTronics has large curtain LED displays in operation all over the world, including one that is 2,500m2 and another one, installed 160m high, which is still functioning even after being hit by a typhoon twice.
  • Front Accessible LED Sign Front-accessible LED signs are LED displays designed to be mounted or embedded in walls to solve the problem of limited space. LianTronics LED signs are slim, light, and have excellent image quality.

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