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LED Display Solutions
  • Security LED Monitor The integrated command and control system with modules of communication, command, control and information is designed to prevent and cope with all kinds of emergencies, including traffic and safety accidences.
  • Advertising LED Display As a new type of media propaganda, LED video wall display is now an emerging power in the advertising industry. It needs to have high-resolution, wide-range brightness, bright colors, clear subject, ...
  • Mobile LED Display The LianTronics mobile LED displays for trucks and trailers highlight your events and products whether it’s sunny and bright or windy and storming. High contrast ratio makes the display easy to read.
  • Rental LED DisplayLianTronics has designed special rental LED displays. Hand-stackable panels are ideal for speedy assembly and teardown. The cabling and panel weight are also lightweight to go on tour for concerts, festivals, ceremonies, or sports events.
  • Curtain LED Display LianTronics has large curtain LED displays in operation all over the world, including one that is 2,500m2 and another one, installed 160m high, which is still functioning even after being hit by a typhoon twice.
  • Front Accessible LED Sign Front-accessible LED signs are LED displays designed to be mounted or embedded in walls to solve the problem of limited space. LianTronics LED signs are slim, light, and have excellent image quality.
  • Studio LED DisplayWith the development of informationization in the TV advertising industry, digital signal has become leading while analog signal has become obsolete. Wider and wider applications of high-resolution digital display and intelligent surveillance have brought challenges to the traditional virtual studio.
  • Video Conference LED DisplayThe conference room is a place where the routine meetings of enterprises and governments are held mainly. This kind of meeting emphasizes timely communication and effective discussion. Responsible for collecting more than 60% information, LED video wall display is an essential and helpful means to improve work efficiency.

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