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V Series Fine-pitch LED Display

V 0.8 Fine-pitch LED Display

Key Benefits of V Series Fine-pitch LED Display:
1. Delicate design
a. Free from gap in joints, ultra-wide viewing angle, uniform brightness and no color deviation;
b. High color gamut level for live broadcast standard, and intelligent adjustment towards color temperature;
c. Moderate brightness endows it high capability to watch over long periods of time without getting tired;
d. Extra-high refresh rate, fast frame-changing frequency and no ghosting nor smearing;
e. Light and slim panels, smooth connection between flat surface and arc surface;
f. Grasping V-SPWM technology for no grayscale loss in small brightness, well solves a hard problem of LED display industry and becomes the best-in-class company in this field;
g. V-Smooth technology for precise controlling well guarantees the smoothness and no joint gap in the display.

2. Silent design
a. V-Structure design for effective temperature control and stable operation;
b. Low-voltage DC power supply, natural heat dissipation design without fan, and zero noise in operation;
c. With special penal treatment technology, our panel enjoys fast heat dissipation and long serving life.

3. Low cost
a. Single LED pixel module could be repaired independently, which results in low maintenance cost and fast maintenance;
b. Patented centralized power supply system for high power devices features small power consumption, ultra-high turnover ratio and 30% energy saving;
c. Smaller installation space occupation when compared with DLP;
d. Thanks to advanced technologies and quality materials, our small pixel pitch LED display has an average serving life of six to 8 years.

4. Stable operation
a. Reliable V-Stable power supply, N+1 redundancy, communication level power supply, and never powered off;
b. Dual-signal hot backup design allows auto-switching for fault and stable picture displaying.

5. Ultra-safe use
a. Weak and force electricity are well separated, and no force electricity passes through the display. Meanwhile, rush repair could be carried out for hot swapping, and during the repair, the display needs no turning off. Therefore, it is quite safe and fast.
b. Encrypted anti-hacker technology well prevents the malicious signal cutting off or inputting, which well guarantees the data’s safety.

Technical parameters:
Item V 0.8 Fine-pitch LED Display
Pixel pitch (mm) PH0.8
Module size (mm) (W)325×(H)365×88(D)
Module resolution (W×H) 360×405
Panel material Die-casting aluminum
Panel weight (kg/pcs) 4.5
White balance brightness (cd/m2) 600/800 or adjustable
* Max. power consumption (W/m2) 1500
*Avg. power consumption (W/m2) 375
Serviceability Front/rear
Viewing angle (Deg.) 160 (H),160 (V)
Refresh rate (Hz) 1920/2880/3840
Greyscale (Bit) 12/14/16
Contrast ratio 8000:1
Brightness adjustment Programmable/auto/manual
Color calibration One point calibration
Smoothness (mm) ≤0.1
Other parameters External communication level power supply, dual redundancy backup, testing towards temperature and humidity, external signal, and so on (These parameters may differ from each other for different devices installation)
Note: Specifications are for reference only. Please contact our salesman for details. All rights are reserved to LianTronics.
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